Handleless Kitchens

The unrivalled clean look of handleless kitchens

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Bursting onto the kitchen market around 11 years ago, the handleless kitchens are here to stay. Loved for its versatile, clean look, the ‘handleless’ kitchen is, like its name, handleless!

With many different varieties of openings; from a true handleless design, where there is a gap for your fingers between the top of the cabinet and the underside of the worktop, through to a J shaped groove or J-pull system.

All handleless kitchens give smooth clean lines and reduce the risk of handles snagging clothing or worse still, small children’s heads – however – these doors are not always user friendly if you have long nails or larger hands!

Produced in abundance by most European and UK Manufactures in a variety of finishes and price points, these handlesless kitchens make a great family friendly choice or an impressive statement kitchen that delivers the WOW factor.

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Showing 1–9 of 59 results