In Frame Kitchens

In frame kitchens for a traditional look

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A classic/traditional kitchen design, the in frame kitchens have doors which sit flush within a solid frame, the same as a standard door in your own home.

Up until recently, this type of kitchen was always craftsman built and therefore more expensive than a standard kitchen, however , there are now more affordable, mass produced options available.

The name of the in frame kitchens is borne from its construction only, therefore, there are a multitude of different door designs available, from the simple Shaker style to the more fancy raised and fielded doors.

Finishes can vary too, from craftsman built solid wood, to more cost effective MDF. Suffice to say, in modern kitchen design it is common place to find a mixture of both wood and MDF/MFC within the kitchens construction.

The majority of modern in frame kitchens are separate units, however, some joiner built kitchens can have a large external frame with multiple cabinets attached. During our survey, we will make note of the kitchens construction and advise potential buyers accordingly.

Traditionalists love the In frame kitchen’s classic, luxury look and can forgive its relative lack of modern functionality.

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Showing 1–9 of 44 results